Photoshop Automator Actions v.5.0.7 – Now CC Compatible

If you routinely find yourself slogging through tedious, repetitve chores in Photoshop, then you should try using Automator to streamline your batch processing chores. Built-in to Mac OS X 10.4 and later, Automator makes it simple to create sophisticated, complex automations. Out-of-the-box, Automator can’t control Adobe Photoshop, but with the addition of this Photoshop Automator Actions collection, you get everything necessary to drive Photoshop using Automator.

Why would I use Automator instead of Photoshop’s own actions?

While Photoshop’s Actions palette provides a simple way to record and playback complex actions, it’s functions are limited to only things you can do in Photoshop. Since Automator workflows can span multiple applications, you can easily automate entire photo and graphics production pipelines. For example, you can can use Automator and the Photoshop Automator Actions collection to batch process the manipulation of your images and then automatically upload the results to a server, archive them to a CD or DVD, build and print contact sheets – and all with a single button press.

The Photoshop Automator Actions collection also provides sophisticated logical actions, which allow you to filter your images based on many EXIF and IPTC tags, color mode, size, orientation, and more. So, you can build build workflows that only perform edits on images that match specific criteria. For example, you could build a workflow that processes CMYK images one way, but performs different actions on RGB images.

Finally, while Adobe Bridge provides a simple interface for launching batch processes, it limits you to only operating on the files within a single folder. Automator has no such limitations, so you can process images from multiple folders, or even images located through a Spotlight search. And, with Automator, you have many more ways to launch a batch process. You can save your workflows as applications, turn them into Folder Actions, trigger them from iCal, or save them as OS X Services.

Is Automator hard to use?

No! To use Automator, you simply string a series of “actions”
together to create a workflow. The resulting workflow is an easy-to-read flowchart. No scripting is required.

The full Photoshop Automator Actions collection provides 97 Actions that allow you to control a tremendous number of Photoshop’s functions. Obviously, painting operations are not feasible with an automated system, but just about every other Photoshop operation can be automated. What’s more, you can trigger Photoshop’s internal actions from an Automator workflow, so if you’ve already got Photoshop actions that you regularly use, you can now add Automator functionality on top of them.

You can see a full list of actions below.

What’s new in version 5?

Version 5.0.7 provides compatibility with Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6 and Photoshop CC. This version includes two important bug fixes. Edit IPTC Data now works properly (it got broken along the way somewhere) and filenames no longer get two periods when you combine the original name with additional text.

The Diptych and Triptych actions, introduced in 5.0.1, automate the process of creating two-up, and three-up layouts. With full control over margins and spacing, diptych and triptych creation has never been easier.

The Contact Sheet action replicates most of the functionality of the Contact Sheet script that is available as an optional install from Adobe. Of course, the advantage of having such power within Automator is that you can now automate the production of your contact sheets. Contact Sheet produces a PSD (either flat or layered) and gives you the option of displaying up to two lines of metadata beneath each thumbnail.

Sophisticated Architecture

Normally, when you pass a group of files to an Automator workflow, every file is processed by the first action, then every file is processed by the second action, and so on. While this is fine for small documents, for large Photoshop documents, having to open every file in a batch at once (which is what Automator will do, by design) can be a tremendous computing hog. The Photoshop Automator Actions collection uses a sophisticated Open/Render architecture so that only one document is opened at a time. This makes for much speedier processing, and better resource management than you’ll get with normal actions.

Wow! All this for free??

Er..uh…well, most of it for free! After five years of giving away these actions for free, I had to start charging for some of them. Development just takes too much time, and I fear there haven’t been enough donations to offset my costs. So, with this release there are now two different Photoshop Automator Action bundles, the free bundle which includes 28 actions covering all of your day-to-day automation needs, and a $20 Pro bundle that packs 93 actions, delivering an incredible amount of high-end automation power. These two packages are available for Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, and CC.

In addition to the actions, the package includes an assortment of sample workflows. The 79-page manual gives you a reference for all of the included actions, as well as an introduction to using Automator, and strategies for building Photoshop workflows. In addition, training videos are now available!

A full list of actions is provided below.

System Requirements

If you can run Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, or CC on your Mac, then you’ve got all the hardware and software you need to use these actions.

Important note for CS5 users: the CS5 actions only work with Photoshop CS5 version 12.0.1, a free upgrade from Adobe.

Version 5.0.7 is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9 (Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion,  Lion, and Mavericks).

If you’re still using CS3, then you’ll want the older, CS3 collection.

Purchase the Photoshop Automator Actions
Pro Package

$19.95 via Paypal.
Click the button below for the Photoshop version that you want to automate.

CS4 v5.0.7
CS5 v5.0.7
CS5.5 v5.0.7
CS6 v5.0.7
CC v5.0.7
CC 2014 Coming soon!

Or download a smaller set of free Automator actions for Photoshop.

(Complete list of actions provided below.)
Download the free package for CS (v2.0)
Download the free package for CS2 (v3.5)
Download the free package for CS3 (v3.7)
Download a free updater if you already own the collection
Download the free package for CS4 (v5.0.7)
Download the free package for CS5 (v5.0.7)
Download the free package for CS5.5 (v5.0.7)
Download the free package for CS6 (v5.0.7)
Download the free package for CC (v5.0.7)

Free Video Tutorials Available Here


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Complete list of actions

Add Empty Adjustment Layer (Pro only) Flip Canvas
Add Graphic Watermark (Pro only) Gaussian Blur
Add Layer (Pro only) Glass (Pro only)
Add Watermark (Pro only) Hue/Saturation
Arbitrary Rotate Invert
Assign Color Profile (Pro only) Load Selection (Pro only)
Assign Custom Profile (Pro only) Make Clipping Path (Pro only)
Maximum/Minimum (Pro only)
Auto Contrast Mono Gaussian Merge Visible Layers (Pro only)
Auto Levels (Pro only) Mono Gaussian Noise (Pro only)
Average (Pro only) Motion Blur
Bleach Bypass NTSC Colors (Pro only)
Change Bit Depth (Pro only) Ocean Ripple (Pro only)
Change Mode (Pro only) Open
Change Pixel Aspect Ratio (Pro only) Open as Raw Data (Pro only)
Change Resolution (Pro only) Paint Daubs
Channel Mixer (Pro only) Paste (Pro only)
Clouds (Pro only) Photo Filter (Pro only)
Color Balance Pinch
Contact Sheet (Pro only) Polar Coordinates (Pro only)
Convert to Profile (Pro only) Posterize
Copy Data to IPTC (Pro only) Purge (Pro only)
Copy IPTC to Spotlight Comments (Pro only) Radial Blur
Create New Document (Pro only) Reduce Noise (Pro only)
Crop Render
Cut-Copy-Paste (Pro only) Resize Canvas
Deinterlace (Pro only) Resize Image
Deselect (Pro only) Restore Original File List (Pro only)
Despeckle Ripple
Diffusion Scale Image (Pro only)
Diptych Select All (Pro only)
Do Action (Pro only) Select Path (Pro only)
Duplicate Current layer (Pro only) Set Blend Mode of Current Layer (Pro only)
Dust and Scratches Shadow Highlight (Pro only)
Edit IPTC Info (Pro only) Sharpen Edges (Pro only)
Exposure (Pro only) Sharpen More (Pro only)
Filter by Aspect Ratio (Pro only) Smart Blur (Pro only)
Filter by Bit Depth (Pro only) Smart Sharpen (Pro only)
Filter by Color Mode (Pro only) Sphereize
Filter by EXIF (Pro only) Strip Extra Channels (Pro only)
Filter by File Type (Pro only) Swap Colors (Pro only)
Filter by IPTC (Pro only) Threshold (Pro only)
Filter by Orientation (Pro only) Trap (Pro only)
Filter by Size (Pro only) Trim (Pro only)
Fit Image (Pro only) Triptych (Pro only)
Flatten Document (Pro only) Twirl
Unsharp Mask
Use Currently Open Documents
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